Robyn James
Operations Director


Robyn started her career within the Petroleum Retail Market, managing multiple successful businesses for many years, before making the move into Occupational Health in 2008. During her time, she has been exposed to and excelled in all roles within multiple Occupational Health organisations.

“Being passionate about customer service and understanding all aspects of the Occupational Health industry allows me to consistently meet client expectation and needs, no matter the complexity of the situation, or how diverse the requirements. Every client that has used our service, fully trusts in our expertise, and we routinely use their feedback to optimise the efficiency in every step of their Occupational Health journey.”

“Having worked with Dr Ezan since 2011, our sound professional foundation allowed us to create a new type of Occupational Health organisation, one where we not only have the business and clinical abilities to run an organisation in this sector, but the ability to provide exceptional customer service for every client. In short, we have an efficient process driven solution, and we are able to deliver this with a personal touch.”

“As Operations Director for Platinum Occupational Health Ltd, the length and breadth of my experience allows me to deliver robust management solutions across all key functions, whilst providing a personal client focussed communication channel for service delivery.